5 lessons from The Bhagavad Gita to change your life


The Bhagavad Gita, considered to be a doctrine of universal truth, has long been influencing people all across the planet. As old as about 5,000 years, the universal principles of the Bhagavad Gita are still very relevant and applicable in the modern world .It’s teachings are considered to be ultimate truth as they encompass each and every aspect of life.

The Gita is known to show the path to the lost, answer to the confused and provide wisdom to all. It is considered to be one of the greatest spiritual books the world has ever known. The primary purpose of the Bhagavad Gita is to illuminate all of humanity by making them realise the true nature of divinity.

Here I enlist a few of the most important and popular teachings from the Gita which can potentially change your life if followed seriously:


The Supreme Guiding light is always with you – Always

A mere belief in this powerful and sublime truth can transform the life of a person. It is the Supreme Being who acts through every living being. Releasing oneself from worries and all other negative emotions is easy by surrendering oneself to the almighty. Since a human being is only an instrument in the hands of God, regretting the past or fearing the future is pointless. The natural harmony of mind and soul is restored by recognizing that the Omnipresent is always around you.


Surrender the fruits of your actions

Remember that life is always a journey and not a destination. So find contentment with the journey you are on regardless of outcomes. Even when the walls are crumbling around you and the earth is cracking beneath your feet, try to practice accepting the situations as they are. Though it’s easier said than done, but with constant practice of making ourselves aware of the realities of life, we can at least come closer. The supreme Lord says -“do not expect or fear anything. Expectations and fear limit our possibilities.”


In the battle between the heart and mind, it doesn’t matter who wins

Being true to both the heart and mind is what we need to learn since both these forces are complementing each other and guiding us to the ultimate truth. By following the intuitive heart to heal and help others as well as ourselves and by using the rational mind to walk the path of truth and hard work, the route to self-knowledge becomes illuminated.


Accept the dualities of life with equanimity

“Be at ease in pleasure and pain, in honour and disgrace. Do not rejoice in good fortune nor lament in bad fortune. Free yourself from desire and anger.”- Lord Krishna

The Supreme Lord states that one’s life is full of ups and downs depending on his or her karmas. Therefore, the wise men are prepared for facing all challenges in life. In times of happiness, they do not get excited and in times of despair, they are not agitated. He states that you should not attach yourself to things or situations.When one attains such a state of equanimity, one leaves the worries to float away in the breeze. This is the way to live a peaceful and stress free life.


Practice the stillness of mind

All thoughts, feelings and desires take birth in the mind. Looking deep within one’s own self is not possible without first stabilizing the mind. The mind can be really quite only when a person is free from the countless desires. Just as we can look at the bottom of the ocean only when there are no ripples on the surface, the secrets of mind, heart and soul can only be known when there are no desires on the surface. Stillness of mind can open doors to wisdom, peace and tranquillity for anyone.


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